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Please note before sending a beauty inquiry the following requirements:

For beginner beauty models, please understand that clean skin is an absolute must for beauty photography and creating high quality images as well as shortening retouching time. Please be ready to attach an unfiltered, unedited close up image with your inquiry in a further followup message.

For Professional beauty models, (may be eligible for professional discount)  please state any paid beauty work you have been a part of or attach any former beauty work you have done with your inquiry in a further followup message.

These requirements are to provide the best work possible for you as my client and reflect the current standard of work shown in my portfolio.


Every booking has a beauty photography experienced MUA (makeup artist) and hairstylist included in each look so please also specify your skin type (dry, oily, both) and hair texture (length, curly, straight, etc.) in your inquiry.

A series of FAQs are also located at the end of this page for more info.

Thank you!

Modeling Status:
Do you have Beauty experience?
What kind of looks are you interested in?

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  • Do you do collaborations?
    Yes. I do a few collaborations under certain restrictions but limiting time to bookings only. I offer modeling rates as well to professional beauty models with beauty experience and approval.
  • How much do you charge?
    Rates are based on specific needs and looks and come with an experienced MUA and hairstylist, contact me for more info! I also offer testing model rates to professional beauty models with beauty experience and portfolios.
  • How many images will I receive?
    Clients will receive 4-5 (self chosen) professionally retouched images from each set/look at their photoshoot. These will be accessed through a private online downloadable gallery and can be used in your professional and personal portfolios. Retouching may take 2-3 weeks for turnaround time.
  • What should I know as a beauty model?
    Skin is everything and a clean skincare routine is essential to become a successful beauty model. This is also important for your MUA for the best makeup and the retouching process for your images. Posing is also an essential. Using your hands and being able to model the face in flattering ways can really boost your chance of getting the photos you want! You can practice in the mirror and look up inspiration. Have an idea of what images you want to create. Beauty has a broad spectrum of clean, glam and editorial looks that you can add to your portfolios.
  • What should I bring/do for my session?
    Depending on the looks that you want to create, there's always essentials to bring to a beauty shoot. Also have clean and shaped nails, and are welcome to bring press-ons for each look or french press-ons for a rounded look. Bandaeu! These are essential for clean looks. For more glam/editorial, you can bring tops that match the aesthetic you're looking for as well as accessories like jewelry, watches and hair pins (let your hair stylist know of these additional items) A clean face. Always exfoliate the night before and moisturize! These are essential for your best skin and will give your MUA a fresh canvas to work with and know whats best for your skin. (Let them know of any allergies to products beforehand!)
  • How do I book you?!
    Click the contact button on the bottom of this page to start the booking process! There you will be prompted some questions about what you're looking for. Feel free to include all the details of what looks you want and any inspiration photos. I look forward to hearing from you!
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